DaDa Poetry Slam

Hip-hop and Rap have their core in spoken word. Spoken word comes from poetry. Before there was MC Hammer, there was Maya Angelou. And before that, Shakespeare. Putting words together to invoke an emotion to create a response is not just spoken word, it’s the core of human expression.

Well… maybe I am a bit bias being I’ve written poetry most of my life, but I shall carry on…

The art of spoken word continues to have a solid foundation in the creative community. The art-centric city of Delray Beach comes alive the first Tuesday of the month at DaDa Restaurant and Lounge off Atlantic and Swinton Ave where instruments are tucked away and in exchange for words.


The DaDa’s Poetry Slam is the first Tuesday of every month at DaDa Restaurant and Lounge in Delray Beach, Florida. The modern lounge in Delray Beach is known for hosting poets, musicians, singer-songwriters, and comedians during its weekly Open Mic night but the first Tuesday of the month is reserved for spoken word artists only.

Terese Hill has hosted the slam for over six years, but the slam itself has been going on for over fifteen years. Hill has participated both as a participant and a host for DaDa’s Poetry Slam. Each year, the best poets from the slam get the opportunity to go to the National Poetry Slam organized in a different state each year.

“We hold these slams, and I take the first, second and third place person and I will compile a list over the slam season. The slam season will end in May… and we’ll have a final slam. The people who are selected, the top four to five people, will be the members of the DaDa’s National Poetry Slam.”

On Tuesday, February 3rd, I happened to venture to DaDa to perform some of my own work. I have been performing poetry for several years, and it is a huge passion of mine. I was surprised to find that it was a full house. Over 10 poets stepped on the stage, and the scoring was close and controversial. In the end, I ended up not making it to the next round however the drinks at the bar made the pain of not winning a bit more bearable.

I highly recommend anyone who is into art or just expression to go to DaDa poetry slam. It is definitely an experience you do not want to miss. Even if you do not appreciate the art form, you will find at least one poem that will touch you or bring memories of a personal experience. And that can be liberating enough as it is.

For this experience, I give a 9.5/10


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