Review: The Goddess Studio: Hollywood, Florida

On Friday, February 6th, I happened to stumble upon a place called The Goddess Studio on They were hosting their monthly open mic circle that occurs the first Friday of the month. I looked at my calendar and the date worked perfectly with my schedule.

When you enter The Goddess Studio, you are greeted with the scent of burning incense that instantly creates a feeling of tranquility. Initially, you walk into the shop which sells a plethora of items such as belly dancing attire, yoga attire as well as jewelry and artwork.

The real experience begins in the back room. Chairs are aligned in a circle to create the feeling of community for each person that joins the group on Fridays. Even if you’ve been there hundreds of times or if it was your first time, you instantly feel welcomed into the community of creative spirits. We all introduced ourselves and said what our form of expression was.

The host Nicole believes that all humans have some sort of creative talent. If you do not want to perform, she encourages all listeners to come back again next time when they are inspired to find what their artistic expression is.

All arts are welcome. Poetry is the most popular form, and be prepared to hear some tear jerking stuff. Here are the top three standouts from the night

1. A woman discussed her battle with discovering she had herpes and her near-suicidal attempts. She expressed in her poems rejection from men she had gone out with. Was it herpes or was it was her? That was the question she pondered in the two-minute poem which left the entire room silent.

I held back tears as this young beautiful woman who looked to be in her early 20s discussed how she contemplated whether she belonged in the world or not. It was so sad and heartbreaking to hear words from someone who still had their life ahead of them.


2. A man stood up with his guitar in hand. He opened up his performance by saying the following song would be about a difficult experience he had when he found out his friend could not see his children after his divorce. Everyone expected a heartfelt song to come out of him. Instead, we heard the following lyric:

Let me see my fucking kids….BITCH!”

The entire circle burst out in a flurry of laughter. The song continued for five minutes and I had tears flying out of my eyelids. The melody was extremely catchy. Unfortunately, my phone died way too early to catch the experience. It was the kind of song that would get millions of hits on YouTube. It was probably one of the funniest songs I have ever heard about the usual difficulties of going through a divorce with children. I could think of at least five people who could relate.
3. African Drumming

Need I say more? An all out drumming jam session. Eventually, the entire circle participated in the end and we all were dancing shouting out random verses in multiple languages. The main drummer actually teaches an African Drumming class at The Goddess Studio so please see the website if interested!

Throughout the night, we had musicians, belly-dancers, poets, and singers fill the room with creative expression. I can not express how much of a unity there was among everyone. I thoroughly enjoy being there as a performer and a listener.

For this experience, I give it a 10/10. For more information, check out the meetup page!


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