Review: Kevro’s Art Bar- Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach is one of America’s most fun small town according to 2012’s Rand McNally and USA Today’s Second Annual Best of the Road Competition. One of the elements of a small town that I love is the growing sense of community you feel once you are acquainted with the area. Delray Beach definitely has that feel. Nestled in the corner of Atlantic and 2nd avenue is Kevro’s Art Bar, otherwise known as “Kevros!” for short. It is a community of artists, more commonly musicians, that come together to jam out and enjoy a more artistic night out. Recently, Kevros Art Bar, was featured on TruTVs reality show Barmageddon so I decided to stop on by yesterday. The decor of the place is very much geared to the creative class with the outside of the bar fully painted and the inside filled with artwork. The artwork is from the owner Kevin Rouse or “Kevro” for short. He was an artist long before he ever opened the bar: The night I went, I had the pleasure of stopping in and seeing my lovely friend Nathan Mercado rehearse with his new band Ben Ben and Western.

Overall there is a sense of community there that is both magnetic and inspiring. I would give the bar a 9/10 and my experience that night an 8/10. I had a wonderful time. I recommend going on open mic nights or on the weekend to get a full house of excitement. However, going on Tuesday really allows you to see the work that goes into creating music. Which I can tell you now, is way harder than it looks. Jam on!

Kevro’s Art Bar
166 SE 2nd Ave
Delray Beach, Florida
 (561) 278-9675

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