Review: Evolution Fitness- Boca Raton

Evolution Fitness – You will evolve.

At least, that’s the slogan for  Evolution Fitness, a small group training facility located in Boca Raton. The facility has recently expanded to areas throughout South Florida such as Coral Springs, Boynton Beach and Wellington.

I have been wanting to write a review on this place for a while but wanted to get a few classes in so I had a good overview of what it was all about. And considering my ever increasing laziness, it’s been a slow process to actually get my butt to the workouts.

ANYHOW, like me, if you have not exercised in a while, I will tell you now, Evolution Fitness is hard–very hard.  Well, not so hard that it’s impossible. Anyone can do the workout at their own pace and they offer alternatives for beginners, however, you definitely will be sore the next day. If you are familiar with the popular Crossfit Gyms, you will adapt easily to the style of workouts being offered at Evolution Fitness.

The difference is that Evolution Fitness offers different styles of workouts each day so it won’t be daily WOD list like Crossfit. That is one of the reasons I would suggest Evolution Fitness over Crossfit personally. I enjoy the diversity and being able to choose what kind of workout I want to have each day and fit it according to my schedule.

The two classes I tried were:

Metabolic Madness @ Wed. 9:00 A.M.- This workout combines circuit training with weights. It’s an “anything goes” workout according to the website, so the workout you will get varies. The day I went, the workout incorporated kettlebell training, cardio (ew running! I know 😦 ) and other weight resistance training. I felt like I really got a full body workout.  I definitely felt it the next day in my arms and legs. I found that I would have liked the instructor to be a bit more personal with each of us however she was very knowledgeable and had the perfect amount energy to encourage the large group of us.

Core and Kettlebell Fusion @ Thurs. 9:00 A.M.– This workout is exactly what it sounds like. You will be using your core and you will be using lots of kettlebell resistance! Holy Cow! I could not do another squat at the end of it! Then when you are thoroughly exhausted, you have about 10 minutes of intense core work to do. If you are looking for a six-pack, this is it! I did not quite ENJOY this class but I did feel like I was getting a full body workout and that every muscle in my body was getting hit.

There are still so many classes I am yet to try. The facility can be difficult to locate as it’s behind a shopping plaza however once you find it, you realize the location is optimal for its spacious outdoor area. Although the inside of the facility is not exceptionally large, it would accommodate plenty of people on rainy days.

It is hard to rate my experience. Overall, I would give my experience here an 8/10 however there are a variety of personal reasons that took away from giving a higher score:

– Location- Although the facility is not very far from my house, I found that the time I went was very congested. I think I would have to go an hour earlier to avoid the rush hour traffic that occurs before 9:00 a.m. and according to the website, the only earlier class is at 5:30 a.m. Did I forget to mention I am not a morning person? Again, not that facility’s fault but they do happen to be in a busy area in the mornings. If you go at the 5:30 A.M, later in the day, or weekends, it should not be a problem at all.

-The Workout- It would take me a while to get used to doing the types of workouts offered at Evolution Fitness. I much prefer kickboxing, spinning or yoga because I do not realize I am working out when I am there. This class, you KNOW you are working out. I was not necessarily enjoying myself, but I know this is because I am not used to it! I definitely recommend continuing to go to the class because I know once I saw the results, I would definitely keep going back. So it won’t be the most fun you have ever had, but an hour workout is only 4% of your day right?

A few other reasons would stop me from joining. I found the instructors to not be as personable as I would have wanted. However, the super friendly members made up for this. I guess I am used to other gyms where the instructors immediately notice when you are new and try to get to know you more. Do not let this stop you though! I am sure if I were to keep going, I would gain rapport with at least a few of the teachers. It just happened to be my experience from going to a couple classes.

Overall, I would definitely recommend  Evolution Fitness to anyone trying to lose weight. You will definitely see results. And at the end of the day, isn’t that the point?

So if did not scare you off, go learn more. Take advantage of the ongoing promotion for new clients and try three classes free!


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