Sher Tries New: Souvlaki Fast

Here is another edition of Sher Tries New: FOOD

Recently I decided to order some Greek food after a recommendation from of one of my coworkers. I usually order food at work (even though I shouldn’t $$$) so I was starving when she asked if I’d like to order delivery with her. I also was eager to try something different from the usual Chipotle or local bar next door.

Souvlaki Fast posts on their website the reasoning behind their name which i found to be quite clever:

What is SOUVLAKI fast?

SOUVLAKI [sou·vla·ki], \süv-lä-kē\; Greek Σουβλάκι
(def.) Marinated, skewered, and grilled meat, seafood or vegetables; served on a pita, platter, or salad.

fast [fast], \'fast\; from Old English fæst
(def.) Done in comparatively little time.

My friend and I both ordered the Gyro Platter. For only ten dollars, we received a Greek salad, tons of gyro meats and a side of rice or french fries. Souvlaki Fast minimum delivery is $15.00.

^I admit I totally got that picture from here because I devoured it too fast to consider posting it on my blog. However, my meal looked pretty identical to this.

It was really delicious. I found the gyro meat to be tender and the salad to have just the right amount of feta cheese, toppings and dressing to fill me up. With the sides, I ended up being completely stuffed at the end.

For more information on Souvlaki Fast, check out their website.

I am giving this experience an 8/10. Not bad for a mid-work lunch break!


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