My experience at an Osho Meditation Retreat: 1 of 4

Lately, life seems to be a blur of speeding time. Just one second flowing after another. Friendships are ending or shifting in different directions, and changes are happening whether I like it or not. I am moving toward figuring out my purpose and what I want to do now that I am leaving University. Fear stops me from taking risks often. I try not to get dragged down by it all, but it recently caught up with me. I was feeling isolated and angry at the uncertainty.

Working 40 hours a week and going to school full time made me feel like I was not living in the present like I was throwing my life away.  I was not even aware of what was actually happening when it was happening! The biggest question is always “What’s next?!”

Pondering that question led me to journey within and take a much-needed vacation from furniture selling. So for one week I journaled, slept and jumped into the ocean, and at the last second, I decided to leave my home and go to a three-day meditation retreat.  My vacation was almost ending, and I felt I still needed to get away for a while. I wanted to do something different and affordable.

So while browsing on, I found a three day Osho Meditation Retreat which grabbed my curiosity when I read the passage:

“The Heart is the Gateless Gate to Reality. 
 Move from the Head to the Heart”
Mostly we are all hung up in the head. That is our main problem.
The head is a master in creating problems. If we can get down from the head to the heart, The problems simply disappear.”

You can read more about the meditation and learn about the teacher who guided us.  She had traveled all the way from India to guide us in Osho’s teachings. I feel that often I do get stuck in my head rather than listening to my heart, and I hope those who are dealing with that kind of issues will be interested in learning more about Osho’s philosophies on meditation and how it helps the mind.

The meditation retreat was conveniently located only 15 minutes way from my house in Boca Raton. It was in Delray Beach at the Duncan Community Center.

So who is Osho?!

If I were to explain everything I know about Osho now that the retreat is over, I’d have to write a ten-page paper. He is an incredibly fascinating person and was an Indian guru and spiritual teacher that spread his message and philosophy all around the world. He was controversial because he believed that we should be both of the body and the soul which combines beliefs from both Gautama Buddha and Zorba the Greek.

[Osho] aimed to create a “new man”, combining the spirituality of Gautama Buddha with the zest for life embodied by Nikos KazantzakisZorba the Greek: “He should be as accurate and objective as a scientist … as sensitive, as full of heart, as a poet … [and as] rooted deep down in his being as the mystic.”

Please read more if you are interested in learning more about his teachings.

When I read about the retreat, the one fear I had was that I would be sitting on a mat in silence for eight hours a day. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I called and found out we would be doing dynamic meditations which combine principles of silent meditation with meditation that involves lots of movement and breathing exercises. She assured me I would not have to be in silence the entire time.

I have a low attention span, so I was relieved to hear that. Although I have a past history of practicing yoga and meditation at my yoga studio, I still never had any experience learning how to REALLY meditate. I was misguided on what that actually meant from watching movies and reading which only describe the most commons methods of meditation. I learned that meditation is a universal term that applies to anything that silences your mind and teaches you how to actually find answers within.

I made the decision to go to this retreat, and it would soon be one of the most rewarding decisions I ever made for myself…

See part 2…


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