My experience at an Osho Meditation Retreat: 4 of 4

I woke up to the ringing of my alarm.

The final day of the retreat was here.

The night before, I had planned to go home early. I had worked on Sunday and wanted to prepare and sleep in preparation to go back to work. When I went to say my goodbyes, one of the organizers of the event told me I could not leave without getting my Sannyas and she would let me stay an extra night. I was new to meditation, and she felt like I would actually grow from it. She said it was very powerful.

“What are Sannyas?” I questioned.

She explained to me Sannyas was a process of getting a new name and committing to a life of meditation and continuing on your own personal path to self.

Here are some quotes from Osho discussing Sanyaas

“You cannot put a cloak of truth around you. Truth has to be awakened within you. Sannyas is born. It comes through understanding, and in that understanding we go on being transformed. As our understanding changes, our outlook changes and our behavior is transformed without any effort. The world stays where it is, but sannyas is gradually born within us. Sannyas is the awareness that ‘I am not only the body, I am also the soul.’ With this knowing, the ignorance and attachment inside us drops away. The world was outside and it will still continue to be there, but inside us there will be the absence of attachment to it. In other words, there will be no world, no sansara inside us.”

“In my vision, short-term sannyas is the right way. You can leave it any time you like, because it is you who take it. It is your decision, no one else can decide for you. Sannyas is entirely a personal, individual choice, others don’t matter in any way. I am free to take sannyas today and leave it tomorrow, provided I don’t expect any reward for it from others in the form of their praise and acclamation.”

We learn that taking sannyas is not religious in any way. It is simply a commitment, and we can leave to do what we feel is right at any time. We can change our mind and are not obligated to stay Sannyasa. I thought about it and felt it would be the perfect end to my first meditation retreat experience.

Although I want to achieve so many goals, the retreat reminded me to appreciate just being happy despite what circumstances are in the way. Learning about being proactive in my life every day is a tool that will carry me to where I want to be. Learning to be present allows me to smile even if all does not go as planned.

The celebration started at noon. We were told to shower and return in our white robes. A white blanket was set on the floor, and I kneeled along with six other people.

Our lovely guru from India, Ma Dharm Jyoti honored us with our new name and necklaces. I was told my new name was Ma Dev Kente which means “divine beloved.” It was very emotional. Everyone was tearing up, and it felt like a fresh start and cleanse of new energy was washing over the room.

During the retreat, I learned that I should be proactive toward my goals AND my happiness because both are so critical to achieving everything.

As the ceremony ended, tears, laughter, and hugs ended the afternoon.

In my heart, I felt it was time to leave.

I packed and prepared myself to go back to work.

New experiences are on the horizon for me…and  I’m so excited for the journey…



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