I’m kind of awkward socially…. but whatever!

So I am staying in Austin with a friend (one of my favorite cities… that’s another blog), and I realized how I’m still so socially awkward.

Young funny African American woman grimacing in studio

Honestly, I fooled myself into thinking I was past that awkward phase of my life. For years, I earned the name “quiet girl” because of how much I kept to myself. I was afraid of branching out. I wondered if anyone would like me. I struggled to talk to people, especially people I really wanted to be friends with. I did not relate to anyone around me, so as a coping mechanism, I isolated myself.

I thought I was past all of that…

But nope, it still exists, even at almost 30 years old.

And you know what? Whatever!

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The self-help propaganda really does get old after a while… You don’t need to always be fixing yourself…

I was scrolling through my Instagram when suddenly I was hit with an influx of quotes on a plethora of topics regarding self-healing, breaking “generational traumas,” and learning to “love yourself.”

64 Break the cycle/generational cycle ideas in 2021 | inspirational quotes,  words, life quotes
itness, beauty, celebs on Instagra | Level up, Up quotes, Greatful

You get the idea…

Someone has to say it… this shit is getting old. It’s so boring!

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I don’t get over people easily

I’m doing that thing I shouldn’t be doing. I’m stalking people from my past. People I still remember. People who probably don’t remember me.

People that remind me of memories.

As I look at these people, they remind me of how much has changed. So many moments…

These people I am observing hold a piece of me… an idea that never came to fruition… a person I wish I still was… a person I sometimes wish I could become again.

I’m looking at the man who ghosted me… the first man that ever made me feel infatuation. I did not even know I was capable of feeling that. I was so young. I thought I was falling in love.

Now, he’s married with two children. The last I checked, he only had one. Now, he has two. How strange. Life is so strange.

In a way, I’m happy for him, but in a way, I am sad. Not because I have any desire to be with this person at all or even think of them often, but it’s just another memory in my life.., I think of how innocent I was back then… how I saw my future in his eyes.

It seems so silly now.. but I miss my silly innocence.. my ability to see hope in a single moment. I’m way too jaded for that now.

Next, I looked at an acquaintance who I met when she was dating someone, someone who ended up being so far from the man she likely envisioned. He cheated on her. She moved on, but the next guy was not much better.

Now, she’s in another town in another relationship, and she looks much happier. I mean, who knows if she truly is but wow.. as I look over her social media, it starts to hit me.

She’s moved on twice, and in a way I’ve been stuck on the same person for years. I feel embarrassed. Then I realize I’m always embarrassed at the way I love… at the way I cling on.

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Finding Peace in the In-Between

I am learning to find beauty in the in-between periods of my life.

I may not have the perfect career, relationship, or life, but deep in my heart, I know I am headed in the right direction.  I may not achieve all my goals, but maybe what I think I want is not exactly what I need.  When you get to the point of enjoying the ride, you feel a sense of peace, simply observant of the journey that you are on.

Often, we become so obsessed with the future that we forget to enjoy the most beautiful part: the current moment.

Growing up, I dealt with so much insecurity. I was put down for the way I looked and how I acted. I felt like I was never good enough.
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The Breakup, the Shakeup, and the Wakeup.

I am alone,
And I am thriving…
I am not merely surviving!
I am thriving!
I am recognizing the pain inside me…
And I am writing…
I am fighting…

Gray Concrete Road Towards Green Mountain
I am learning to accept the journeys I embark on, even the journeys I take without much thought or plan.

After all, I’ve always loved to wander, but at the end of every trip, one must always return home.

Here’s to returning home…

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Why I  Should Have Never Bought the Cake

I should have never bought the cake.
I knew I should have never bought the cake.

I bought the cake anyway.


It started off innocently, as most things do.


After a long day of work, I stopped at the grocery store intending to pick up a few items for dinner.

Harmless things, really: veggies,  some pasta, and fruit. What could possibly go wrong?

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